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Costumes & Accessories!

If you've looked into the office lately, you've noticed that a lot of costumes coming in. While we have almost all costumes, we are waiting on a few more accessories, shoes, etc.

This year you will receive all your items, including costumes in a cool zipper garment bag. On your bag will be a list of the items that are included in there. We painstakingly go through each bag and check and double check that all items are there. You will have 2 days after you receive your bags to notify us if anything is missing. If you discover things are missing after the 2 days, you will be required to purchase the replacements, so it's very important to go thorugh it right away!

We are holding costumes to make sure we can put everything in and hand them out at the same time, eliminating several handouts.

Also ALL PRACTICES at this time are mandatory. Please do everything you can to be to every practice. If your girl gets sick, and she is able to come watch, please have her come and sit. If there isn't any possible way she can come, please have her get with a a friend and go over what was learned.

Teachers MAY be available for private lessons for dancers that feel that are behind. These can be difficult to schedule and will required extra costs.

We are very excited for this year. I was so impressed with how great your girls looked at our competition party on Friday!!! SO PROUD!!!!

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