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Extra Practices Have Began!

Extra Practices have Began!

Please check the calendar carefully to find your extra practices. We will have some practices in Jan/Feb that are Crusie only practices. These are practices that are for the girls that are doing the cruise. Girls that are not going on the crusie performance will work with another teacher and do some technique. Occasionally, we may take a few minutes (no more than 5-10 minutes) and set some formations during NORMAL class time.

Please remember that Extra Practices are NOT OPTIONAL - These extra practices are not cheap and we encourage you to make EVERY effort to attend the FULL PRACTICE. (arriving more than 5-10 minutes late is very distracting)

Extra practice that are at the School ARE EXTRA MANDATORY (if that is a word) We spend a lot of money to Rent out the Gyms (no, we do not get them Free) we will EXPECT all girls to attend these full practices.

We cannot stress the importance of attendance at these extra practices enough.

The only excuse to miss should be infectious sickness that have a fever. If your girls wake up with a infectious sickness, please call or text 801-540-3031 to let us know you will not be there.

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