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  • How do I Register?
    We have 2 easy ways to register, your already on one of them! 1. Register online click on the Registration Link 2. In Person the office during office Hours Mon-Thur. 3:00-8:30 pm or Friday 3:00-6:00 pm. Sorry we are unable to do registerations over the phone
  • What is the Investment? Cost
    One thing you'll love about Studio 48 - No Hidden fees, no Nickle and Dimming. Mandatory costs are up front and simple. Tuition starts at $42 per month (Mommy Me is $39) for off peak class times and $45 per month for peak class times. Family discount is offered to siblings residing in the same home, on the same account. ($3 off additional students) Annual registration fee of $10 for the first student, $5 for immediate family members on same account with one payment. Each Season (School Year and Summer) has a Performance fee. This will vary upon school year/summer. Please contact the office for this information. Tumblers have a Tumbling Review at the end of summer and in the spring. All erformance Fees include costume and class pictures and recital tickets. School Year includes Recital DVD, Trophy Class Pictures are included in Performance FEES. Includes team/individual 8x10 collage print Girls are required to wear proper dance shoes. (See Class information) Studio 48 stocks quality shoes at GREAT prices, however it is not required to purchase your shoes through Studio 48. All students are required to wear appropriate attire (see class information for class listings) That's IT! That's all the required items and costs. Now we do offer many optional products and services. We offer optional class pictures at the end of each season (purchasing a package is optional, however we ask each student to attend pictures so they can be in the class picture.)
  • When is Registration?
    Studio 48, has two main sessions. Our School Year Session Registration opens in April and classes being in Sept (typically the day after Labor Day) and concludes with the Recital in May. Our Summer Session registration starts in March classes begin in June and concludes with the recital in Aug. What's the last day to register? When classes are FULL, most will fill up, we will have an absolute cutoff in July for Summer and mid-January for school year. Exact Dates are posted on Current Calendar HERE.
  • Do Parents stay the entire class?
    We understand saftey is very important, it is forefront on our minds as well. A lobby is provided for parents. In our lobbies is a large TV screen. Each of our rooms has a camera that parents are able to see their child. We have found that children learn the most without the distraction of parents, siblings and other loved ones in the class at the same time. We do invite PARENTS to attend the last 10 minutes of the first class of every month. (the last class of the month in Dec) If a sibling must attend this time with you, the sibling must not distract the class in any way. If a younger sibling begins to distract, we ask that you return to the lobby and watch on the video feed.
  • Do I need to Let the office know if my student is going to be absent?
    We understand busy families. We know that students are going to miss for various reasons, sickness, vacations, scheduling conflicts etc. We ask that if you are going to miss more than one week in a row, please contact our office by phone, email or the contact form. Competition Team members must notify the office if they are going to miss. We are very sorry, but we cannot give credit or refunds for classes that are missed.
  • When are my Performance Fees due?
    Performance Fees are part of every dance, cheer and tumbling class. Students learn from each performance. Performing is also a big reward for all the work the students have done during class. It is a wonderful time for extended families, friends and other loved ones to come and help make the student feel special. Part of these performance fees are costumes. Performance fees are divided up to help familes that may have tight budgets. For School Year classes these are due in Sept, Oct & Nov. ​ For Summer Classes these are due in June & July. Competition fees are due in May/June (Placement clinic) and divided through 4 months Studio 48 is happy to work with families that have a good payment standing history with us. You must contact Studio 48 BEFORE the deadline and have a reasonable payment plan in mind.
  • Do I pay the same if there is Holiday or I miss class?
    Yes, Studio 48 charges the same monthly tuition for classes regardless of 3 or 5 week months. We are unable to offer credit or discounts if a student is absent. The good news is that we never charge extra when there are 5 weeks in a month.
  • Another Family member or Friend wants to pay for my student?
    We have a lot of wonderful grandparents or loved ones that want to give the gift of dance and tumbling to their children. We can easily accommodate. We do like to have the parent or guardian's contact information for the account holder (the one that is ultimately responsible for the child) Parents can enter a different name and address for the credit card information. These payments can be set up automatically or you can make them manually online or in the office. Be sure to include the person paying's email address under additional emails so they can receive an email receipt.
  • We have a split family and the other parent forgets to give me info?
    While we can't fix a lot of problems, the best solution that we have is to add ALL families involved in the students life to the email. While only one email address can be the online login, we can send as many emails as you would like. Simply add them under "Additional Emails" separate each email with a coma. You can include Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Each family member will receive newsletters, reminders, payment receipts (never with sensitive information)
  • What does my child wear? Where can I find shoes? What are gore boots?
    Studio 48 has you covered! Under class information, each style of dance will contain a paragraph of what to wear. We have searched the world over and have found GREAT dance shoes at very affordable prices. Studio 48 stocks shoes and most dance apparel. Our ballet shoes are the same price as large depart stores, yes even Wally World, however our shoes are much more comfortable for the girls and don't have a silly lace that you need to tie all the time. Gore boots are a style of dance shoe (silly name because they aren't boots at all) We stock both black and dark tan (caramel) colors. Stop by the Studio 48 office and get your shoes early. The first week of class is usually very busy and we won't be able to spend as much time with you.
  • Are classes ever cancelled? Weather or other times?
    Studio 48 has been in business since 2001, in all those years we have only cancelled classes 3 times. Once for some police activity (Pipe bombs behind Maverick in 2007) and twice for very severe weather. Safety is the most important, if you are uncomfortable driving in bad weather, please stay home. If certain issues arise such as a power outage, weather or any other unpredictable incident, we will notify you in 4 ways. We will email, post on our webpage and post on Facebook. If you have opted into receiving our text messages, we will also send out a text. We are sorry, but we won't be able to credit or discount situations out of our control.
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