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Studio 48 Dancers

Class Information

Classes Are Once A Week For One Hour Mommy Me are 30 min.

Competition Classes are longer

Studio 48 Dancers

             is your go-to destination for dance, cheer, and tumbling. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels, including Mommy Me, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Jazz/Ballet, Tumbling and Competition Team.


Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals and reach their. Join us and discover the joy of movement at Studio 48 LLC.

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Important to Know

We do offer a money back guarantee if your student doesn't like their class.

Due to the popularity of our program and Insurance Regulations, we do NOT allow trial classes.

Notification must be received in writing within 4 business days of attending the class.

Registration fees are non-refundable. 

Deadlines to drop your class without paying for costume/recital fees are July 1 (summer) and December 1 (school year)

Tumbler’s participate in the Tumbling Review that is held in May (for school year) and August (for summer classes). 

All classes (except tumbler’s) will participate in the Recital’s. Due to the choreography involved, there is no exceptions. Recitals are in May for school year (Fall) classes and and August for Sumer Classes. See the current calendar for exact dates.

Summer Registration Now Open

Mommy Me

Studio 48 Dancers

This fun class is for our little girls ages 20-36 months. (even a little older if necessary) Girls should be 20 months at the start of the season. (June or Sept) Despite the Name, it's not limited to just Mom's, we have Dad's and even Grandparents come along. This class is 30 minutes and teaches some of the fundamentals of jazz/ballet. We understand little girls this age and love to be creative with them. We have Magic Butterfly wings, special tiara's and all sorts of magical games that teach as well as educate. We never underestimate the learning power of these little ones. Parents don't dance, but are there to help keep the little ones on task. Girls typically wear leos with tutu skirts. Girls will need leather split sole ballet, sorry absolutely no barefoot. 

Jazz / Ballet

This is a wonderful fundamental dance class. It is recommended for all Dancer’s. If your dancer has never taken dance before, this would be the class you want to register for. Students study Jazz/Ballet for years. 

This style of dance focuses on many principles that are so important to all forms of dancing. Depending on the age group, we will learn terminology, basic ballet positions, learn leaps, turns, spotting, etc. We will also learn the formal ballet terms for these movements such as pirouette, jete, batteman, chaine, pique, and many many more.  

Girls should wear athletic attire. Classes for girls 6 years and younger will wear leos with tutu skirts. They also need to wear leather split sole ballet shoes. Girls 7 and older will need to wear leather gore boots (a dance shoe) 


Dance Attire sets an attitude. It changes the mood and tone for a class and for the girls. If a girl, regardless of age, is dressed properly, she can learn properly. If a student is wearing street clothes, they don't arrive to class prepared to learn. 

Girls should wear dance attire.

Girls 6 years and under should wear leotards, skirts and leather Split Sole Ballet shoes WITHOUT Laces. The spring recital in May will require a class shoe color. (see office for details)

Summer Classes will not specify a color. Older girls should wear athletic attire, this includes black jazz pants, lycra capri’s, cotton capri’s.

Girls 7 and older in School Year classes should wear Lyrical 1/2 soles without laces. These are available in our office for a very reasonable price. This is required for the recital. Sorry we do not allow street shoes or barefeet during class. Loaner shoes are available for $2 per class. (limited to twice per month)  We do NOT allow: Cloth Ballet Slippers, belly shirts, immodest clothing,  levi’s, pajama bottom pants, bare feet or tennis shoes in this class.

Girls should always have their hair pulled back from their face. 

Hip Hop

Studio 48 Dancers

This is a fun class that teaches the most popular CLEAN hip hop moves. As a general description our Hip Hip is mostly compared to Disney Hip Hop, not MTV Hip Hop. We do not offer this class for students younger than 5. We offer a summer 5-6 year old class. During the school year we offer this for 7 years and older.

We also offer this class for BOYS ONLY!!! Boys should register for the Boy’s Class on Wednesday’s. Boys may wear gym shoes, shorts and T-Shirts or other athletic wear.

Girls in this class should wear gym shoes. They may wear any type of athletic wear in including jazz pants, lycra pants, capri’s. Cotton capri’s, form fitting shirts.  

We do NOT allow: Cloth Ballet Slippers, belly shirts, immodest clothing, hot shorts, levi’s, pajama bottom pants, or bare feet in this class. Girls should have their hair pulled back from their face. Girls must wear shoes (gore boots) no barefeet allowed.


Recital Cheer

This class is for Cheerleaders 7th grade and younger. This class will learn cheerleading, jumps, kicks, voice projections, arms, angles and of course cheers! We will work with every girls favorite - poms! 

We will do a very limited amount of tumbling in this class. We recommend taking our tumbling classes as well as the cheer class. Girls in this class may wear cotton shorts, T-Shirts and gym shoes. 

Studio 48 Dancers

We do NOT allow: levi’s, skirts, hot shorts, belly shirts or bare feet in this class. Girls should have their hair pulled back from their face.

Cheerleading Prep Class

This class is designed for girls that are getting ready to try-out for their school squads. These classes are specifically designed and geared for Try-Outs. The Prep class does NOT do the recital, nor have any costume.

Girls may register for this class at any time, however we recommend starting this class in September the year before Try-Outs. Weber County School’s allow girls to tryout in 8th grade and be cheerleaders throughout 9th grade. Davis Country School District allows girls to Tryout in 7th grade and be cheerleaders 8th AND 9th grade.

Due to the time alloted, this class will work on very little, if any tumbling. We have additional classes that focus on tumbling. 

Registration for the Tryout Prep Class stays open through March. 

Girls in this class should wear cotton shorts or capri’s and tennis shoes. Hair must be pulled back away from their face. No Levi’s or flip flops, immodest clothing or belly shirts. Shoes are required. 

Drill & Cheerleading Tryout-Prep Classes

 These classes are great classes for girls that are preparing to tryout for Cheer Squad or Drill Teams in the spring. These are two seperate classes. The Cheerleading prep class will work on several things including cheers, dance, voice projections, angles, kicks etc. The Drill Prep Classes will work on Drill styles of dancing, technique, turns, tricks etc. 

While we cannot guarantee anyone to make teams, we have excellent track records in both drill and cheer squads. Remember Tryout for Weber County Jr. High cheer is the spring of your 8th grade year to be a cheerleader your 9th grade year. Davis county schools allow tryouts the spring of your 7th grade year to be cheerleaders your 8th & 9th grade years. We also help you prepare for High School tryouts as well. 

Neither of these classes will perform in the recitals. These classes have a registration cut-off of Jan 15. Both Cheer and Drill will have a Mock-Tryout for their classes. 

Looking for college preparation tryouts? While these classes will not be the best fit, we do provide private lessons for girls that want to tryout for college teams. 


Studio 48 Dancers

Tumbling is different than gymnastics, we only use floor mats. We do not have ski floors, foam mats etc. Our Tumbling teaches students how to tumble without needing the extra bounce that ski floor’s or spring floor’s provide. This helps students to be able to tumble and not to mentally rely on props. Our tumbling program is NOT age based like dance classes, with the exception of our youngest classes. It is based on tumbling skills. Tumblers 6 and under are required to start in the 4-6 year old classes. Students 7 and older are required to start at Level 1. As they progress and develop the skill WE WILL MOVE THEM AT ANY TIME!!! We do not wait for the next session to begin. It is better to start a student at a lower level and allow them progress than to start them at a higher level and have to bump them down. Our goal is to build esteem.

Tumbling Classes also participate in the Tumbling Review at the end of each session (May & Aug). They have a performance package that includes the performance outfit, class pictures and award. 


TUMBLING IS EXCELLENT FOR ALL BOYS, it will help them develop coordination that will help their future in all kinds of sports.

Tumblers will go barefoot. They should wear longer shirts, and athletic attire, such as cotton Capri's, lycra outfits etc. We have some AWESOME TUMBLING CLOTHING in the office. Girls should pull their hair into a pony tail and avoid bows that hurt when they roll on their head. We do NOT allow: immodest clothing, levis, skirts, street clothing. Girls should have their hair pulled back from their face.

Level 1

  • Beginning level for all students 7 and older.

Level 2

  • Students should demonstrate solid cartwheel, roundoffs, handstand forward rolls, be able to go into backbend kick over without spotting.

  • Working on backhand spring with spot.

Level 3

  • Students should demonstrate all Level 2 skills

  • Have solid backhand spring without spotting.

  • Working on multiple backhand springs, aerials. 

Level 4

  • Demonstrate all the skills in Level 3

  • Working on multiple backhand springs, whips, tucks, aerials, front aeriels. 

Studio 48 Dancers

Competition Team

We have some of the most excellent competition teams anywhere! Girls interested in our competition teams should have at least 2-3 years formal dance experience. We prefer at least one of those years to be with Studio 48. Our girls 7 years and older will come at least twice per week, and our younger teams will come once per week.

A very big part of our teams is sportsmanship, we not only teach it, but we live it and expect our girls and parents to also. We feel we teach so much more than dance, hardwork, dedication, modesty and self worth.


If you are interested in our competitive teams, please contact our office. We do require all competitition girls to participate in summer technique classes. 

Our competition teams are invited to travel with us everyother odd year (2017, 2019, etc) Traveling is an option, but not required. 

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