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Comp Season is Starting!!!

Comp season is an interesting time of year, sooo many things happen so quickly! Costumes are out, alterations are in and out so quickly. We have extra practices, practices on the gym floor... WOW! It's a small logistical mirracle.

Please make sure your girls have everything they need. We have a few alterations out, but other than that, they should have everything now (Company needs top hats that teachers forgot to hand out)

Pictures are the week of March 9-12 at Flash Photo. If you have questions on pictures, please contact Flash Photo at 801-985-1034.

Dress Rehearsal will be Saturday March 14 at Roy High. This is a big show for parents, grandparents etc. It is a free event.

We will have a MIRACLE MINUTE, if you know of someone who needs some assistance, please let us know right away.

The dress rehearsal is an open practice, so we may start/stop things at various times. But it gives parents/girls a chance to get familiar with getting ready and dancing with costumes. It also gives us a chance to make changes and clean.

There is usually a VERY big difference in the way this dress rehearsal goes compared to our first competition.

We may also be putting extra pressure on your girls to perform. Please be encouraging and understand this is very very normal. It's the hard work prior to the rewards! (Same thing happens in High School Drill and Cheer Squads) Keep your girls spirits up!

We have the videos up for hair and make-up. We think this will be a huge benefit for parents as you will be able to watch at your own time and now have to stress about making it to a meeting.

The only drawback is questions. We will be meeting Monday at 8:30 pm for any questions you may have!

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