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Costumes & Cruises

Costumes & Cruises

We have began to receive costumes!!! We have received a bunch earlier and will be trying these on. We are adding some extra rhinestones to some of them. If you are interested in volunterring to rhinestone, we'd love to have you! Shoot us an email or message on the bottom of the page and we'll arrange a time. We will beging handing out costumes very very soon, hopefully as early as next week.

We have added a new page for our Cruise People! It will have all the downloads on it including our Cruise Tips. The link is found at the top of the Comp Page. or by clicking HERE

We have also added a link to bring up the comp calendar in a new window, we found it was impossilbe to see the links on days when there are more than 3-4 events. That link is found directly under the displayed Calendar. We hope this helps a lot!

We have also put credits on accounts for girls that are reusing the rhinestone chockers from years past. This was a question that was asked on your Comp Placement form. Resuing the chocker is a savings of $15. If you changed your mind, please let us know prior to February 12. We will be happy to reorder you one. After February 12, the price for new chockers is $19 to cover shipping for smaller orders.

By popular demand we will also have picutres of each teams costume, and how they are to be worn. (this will answer questions about a bow going on the right or left side) :)

We hope you enjoy having all this information on the web and it makes your life easier!!!

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