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Class Cancellation Policy



If a student isn't loving their class, please be sure to talk to our office. With little ones, sometimes there is something very very simply that we can fix or adjust to help them LOVE their class. Please be sure to ask us prior to just dropping a class. We have tons of experience and would love to help figure out why your student isn't enjoying the class. 


If you feel that dropping your enrollement is your only option, students may drop a class at any time throughout the year. To drop a class, simply come into the office during office hours and fill out a drop form.

We do bill tuition 2 weeks from the date we receive the drop form, regardless of the students attendance. Part of our registration contract is that we will be there every week providing a teacher, a space for the student in class, we will have lights on and provide utilities. We will hold that spot for the student until we are are notified via this form that you wish to drop. 


Studio 48 limits class sizes for ALL classes, because of this we find it is only fair to give us 2 weeks notice. Your student is allowed to attend class for the 2 weeks after the notice is given.

Class Deposits are non-refundable. We appologize, but we create teachers, assistant classes based on enrollement. 

We are sorry, but the drop forms are NOT available online. In order to drop the class and stop billing, the account MUST be at zero. Failure to pay the final amounts will result in your account being placed with our professional collection agency after 60 days. 


Performance Fees: become non-refundable and non-cancelable after June 30 (Summer Classes) and November 15 (School Year Classes) Balances for the costume must be paid. You will still get the costume after we hand them out to students in class. 


We are a business that has overhead, teachers and staff love their job, but require payments. We are willing to work with any family that has a good payment record with us. We can work out payment arrangements, but you MUST contact us to seek payment arrangements. Some fees may be involved in payment arrangements. 

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