Hip Hop


This is a fun class that teaches the most popular CLEAN hip hop moves. As a general description our Hip Hip is mostly compared to Disne y Hip Hop, not M TV Hip Hop. We do not offer this class for students younger than 5. We offer a summer 5-6 year old class. During the school year we offer this for 7 years and older.

We also offer this class for BOYS ONLY!!! Boys should register for the Boy’s Class on Wednesday’s. Boys may wear gym shoes, shorts and T-Shirts or other athletic wear.

Girls in this class should wear Black non-lace Gore Boots. They may wear any type of athletic wear in including jazz pants, lycra pants, capri’s. Cotton capri’s, form fitting shirts.  We do NOT allow: Cloth Ballet Slippers, belly shirts, immodest clothing, hot shorts, levi’s, pajama bottom pants, or bare feet in this class. Girls should have their hair pulled back from their face.