Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register?

We have 2 easy ways to register, your already on one of them! Register online click on the Registration Link or come into the office during office Hours Mon-Thur. 3:00-8:30 pm or Friday 3:00-6:00 pm. Sorry we are unable to do registerations over the phone.

Can I stay and watch my child?

We understand saftey is very important, it is forefront on our minds as well. A lobby is provided for parents. In our lobbies is a large TV screen. Each of our rooms has a camera that parents are able to see their child. 

We have found that children learn the most without the distraction of parents, siblings and other loved ones in the class at the same time. We do invite PARENTS to attend the last 10 minutes of the first class of every month. (the last class of the month in Dec) If a sibling must attend this time with you, the sibling must not distract the class in any way. If a younger sibling begins to distract, we ask that you return to the lobby and watch on the video feed. 

When is registration?

Summer and School Year Registration is now Open-  Our year follows the school year with classes starting in September and concluding with the recital in May. We have a great and fun summer sessions that goes June-Aug. We typically open registration for Summer Classes in mid March and for Fall Classes in mid April. Classes registration closes mid-July for summer classes and mid-January for School Year Classes (some classes such a Drill or Cheer Prep and some tumbling classes registration may stay open longer) - Early Registraiton is recommended. Several of our classes, especially in peak times (after 5:00pm) typically fill first. 

Do I need to let the studio know if my child will be absent?

While it isn't necessary, it does help us to better understand what's happening. You can call or email

When is my Costume/Recital Fees due?

We divide these payment up into two easy non-refundable payments, the first due in October the final due in November.  Costumes are ordered in late Novemeber, once your costume is ordered, you will be responsible for making the final payment. If for ANY reason you quit or move, you will be still responsilbe for the payment. Costume Fee's become non-refundable after December 1. 

Competion teams have a different timetable. Comp fees (includes costume and all other required items) are also divided into 2 non-refundable payments. These are due in August and January. 

Do I Pay the same if there is a Holiday?

Classes average 4 lessons per month. We do not charge any extra for months with 5 weeks or any less for months with 3 weeks. 

What Makes Studio 48 so different?


Our teachers are hand selected to be great role models for your children. We select great people and then give them great tools.
Our classes follow a formal curricilum, it i

Our teachers are hand selected to be great role models for your children. We select great people and then give them great tools.

Our classes follow a formal curriculum, it isn't "just go to dance". Your children are learning, even our Mommy Me students can demonstrate impressive basic terminology of ballet. They are a long way from pronouncing the terms. 

We look at what we would want as parents and create that at Studio 48. Our music, dance moves and costumes are age appropriate. They are stylish, yet modest. No bellies are ever shown. We review the lyrics of each song that is played and make sure it something we would want our daughters and son listening to. 

Studio 48 is also ran like a business, with the interests of the customer being on our minds - ALWAYS. We work to be organized and thoughtful 


What is the Investment?

One thing you'll love about Studio 48 - No Hidden fees, no nickle and dimming. Mandatory costs are up front and simple. - 

Tuition starts at $40 per month (Mommy Me is $33) Family discount is offered to siblings residing in the same home, on the same account. ($3 off additional students)

Annual registration fee of $10 for the first student, $5 for family members.

Each Season (School Year and Summer) has a costume/recital fee. This can vary upon the season. Please contact the office for this information. Tumblers have an optional Tumbling at the end of each season.

Girls are required to wear proper dance shoes. (See Class information) Studio 48 stocks quality shoes at GREAT prices, however it is not required to purchase your shoes through Studio 48.  

All students are required to wear appropriate attire (see class information for class listings) 

That's IT! That's all the required items and costs. Now we do offer many optional products and services. We offer optional class pictures at the end of each season (purchasing a package is optional, however we ask each student to attend pictures so they can be in the class picture.)  

What about Competition?

One of the best ways to progess is through our competition program. We will never pressure anyone to do our comp teams. We have certain requirements with the first being your DAUGHTER's DESIRE. She must love dance, we can teach skill and technique to anyone, but we simply can't teach LOVE and DESIRE for dancing. 

If you are intererested in being on our competition and have completed 1 year  of classes (for 6 and under) and 2 years for students 7 and older. Please contact the office for more details. 

We do require competition girls to attend a minium number of summer technique classes. 

Another Family Member wants to pay my tuition, how does that work?

We have many families that have someone else pay tuition, perhaps it's Grandma that gives dance classes as a present, or whatever reason. Our online system allows you to put a card on file for someone other than parents. So for example you can set up your account as Mom and Dad, then when your get to the payment screen, you can enter Grandma's Visa/Mastercard information. 

If you wish to pay with a check, simply register in person at the office. Be sure to put your child's name on the bottom of the check.


I want to register online, but don't want to pay with my credit card, how do I do that?

Online registration requires payment with a credit card. If you don't want to pay with your Visa/Mastercard, you will need to come to the office during office hours and register. In the office we accept cash, check, Visa/Mastercard. We no longer are able to accept post dated checks. 

What does my child wear? Where do I find it?

Proper attire is very important. Like any sport, it helps your child improve, plus when they are dressed properly, they have a proper attitude. Each Class and age group will wear different attire. To see what your class should wear, click on the "classes" link. Each description has a section on what to wear. 

Studio 48 has one of the Largest IN STOCK selection of dance apparel, shoes and accessories in Weber and North Davis county. Our shoes are great quality. They are priced the same or cheaper that retail stores such as pay less or Wal mart or Tar get. We are well stocked on these shoes. During rush weeks (such as the first week of class and right before the recital) we can run low, so we suggest coming in early. 

We carry dance supplies as a convience for parents. You are not required to purchase from Studio 48. We have shopped other stores, includes other low price leaders, our pricing is the same or even lower!

Is class ever cancelled for weather?

In over 10 years, we've only cancelled classes 3 times. Once because of police activity near Maverik (the pipe bombs) forced us to cancel 2 hours on evening.  Twice for Severe weather (schools were also cancelled) We Notify 3 ways - Emails, Facebook and this home page.  We will TRY to call the first number listed on your account. Due to time constratins we may not be able to call ALL phones listed. If you are questioning it, please check Facebook or the Home Page 

Saftey is very important in everything we do. If you don't feel comfortable driving, please stay home.