We have 2 types of Cheer classes, the first is our regular cheer class that particpate in the recitals and are offered for all ages. The second is the Cheerleader Prep Class (see below)

Recital Cheer

This class will learn cheerleading, jumps, kicks, voice projections, arms, angles and of course cheers! We will work with every girls favorite - poms!

We will do a very limited amount of tumbling in this class. We recommend taking our tumbling classes as well as the cheer class. Girls in this class may wear cotton shorts, T-Shirts and gym shoes. We do NOT allow: levi’s, skirts, hot shorts, belly shirts or bare feet in this class. Girls should have their hair pulled back from their face.


Cheerleading Prep Class

This class is designed for girls that are getting ready to try-out for their school squads. These classes are specifically designed and geared for Try-Outs. The Prep class does NOT do the recital, nor have any costume.

Girls may register for this class at any time, however we recommend starting this class in September the year before Try-Outs. Weber County School’s allow girls to tryout in 8th grade and be cheerleaders throughout 9th grade. Davis Country School District allows girls to Tryout in 7th grade and be cheerleaders 8th AND 9th grade.

Due to the time alloted, this class will work on very little, if any tumbling. We have additional classes that focus on tumbling. 

Registration for the Tryout Prep Class stays open through March. 

Girls in this class should wear cotton shorts or capri’s and tennis shoes. Hair must be pulled back away from their face. No Levi’s or flip flops, immodest clothing or belly shirts. Shoes are required.